Vinegar as a disinfectant ? Does vinegar kill viruses ? Use disinfectant from organic food grocery or natural market that is on EPA n list for COVID-19

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PureSafe the Non-hazardous Organic Spray and Leave on Fruits & Vegetables Multi-Surface Disinfectant Sanitizer at title

Remember the days when mothers used all natural vinegar to clean just about everything. Some still do.

But can you use vinegar as a disinfectant?

More specifically, does vinegar kill bacteria? And just as important, does vinegar kill viruses?

Well, it destroys a few specific germs but not all. Also, vinegar does not kill viruses.

What if we had a similar cleaner that was a disinfectant against COVID-19.
We do!

Introducing PureSafe The No Hazard, Clean & Green Sanitizer.

Utilizes the same ingredient that is in vinegar but it is on the EPA N List for destroying the Coronavirus.

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Vinegar is from natural sources and so is our EPA n list from natural market
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keeps your food fresh longer from your organic food grocery (2)

What Make PureSafe So Safe?

We Start With These Natural Sources.

And this is why you can find it at an Organic Food Grocery or Natural Market.

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kills destroys 99.9 percent 99.9% COVID 19 Coronavirus virus scary germs
No chemical residue natural ingredients nontoxic nonhazardous disinfectant

Is PureSafe New Technology?

Yes and No.

Formulas with the same ingredients have been used for decades in organic farms and food packing facilities. Years of evidence proves they are safe and effective. These formulas were partially mixed on site because they would only be good for several hours. There was no way to bottle and use later, until now with PureSafe!

 Stay safe with PureSafe!

Recommended on the EPA N-List for COVID-19 protection.



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